In the world of handmade jewelry, every creation carries a piece of the artist's heart and soul. Behind La Vida De Plata stands a passionate artisan, Ewa, driven by the sheer excitement and wonder of handcrafted beauty.

Ewa's journey into the world of artisan jewelry was sparked by a simple question: "Maybe I can contribute?" This question led to a profound decision—to create La Vida De Plata—a brand that sings to her heart and resonates with her very essence.

Professionally, Ewa boasts a decade of experience in the jewelry industry, crafting and designing high-end pieces for both manufacturing companies and individual clients. She honed her skills at the prestigious Gemological Institute of America, completing the Graduate Jeweler course and the Jewelry Design and Technology course. However, her true passion lies at the jeweler's bench, where she can breathe life into her creations with her own hands.

Through her travels to Mexico, Ewa found a place that felt like home, reminiscent of her upbringing in Poland, where craftsmanship and artistry were highly valued. She has been crafting jewelry since the age of 11, using whatever materials she could find. In Mexico, she discovered Taxco—a place that felt like heaven, where jewelry adorns every corner.

After several visits, Ewa forged deep connections with handpicked artisans whose work exuded exceptional quality. She was inspired to bring these artisans' stories to light, inviting you to see into their lives and learn about their rich traditions. More importantly, she sought to prove the authenticity of the jewelry she brings to you, ensuring that every piece carries the genuine spirit of the artisans who crafted it.

Ewa has a distinct style—one where everything is hand-fabricated using ancient metalsmithing techniques. This commitment goes beyond creating beautiful jewelry; it's about promoting and preserving the art of hand fabrication. She aspires to inspire others to support and pursue these timeless techniques that connect us to our heritage.

But Ewa's vision extends further. She aspires to inspire women to follow their dreams and passions, to be bold in their pursuits, and to embrace the beauty of handcrafted artistry. La Vida De Plata isn't just about jewelry; it's about celebrating the spirit of creativity and the authenticity of human connection.

Join Ewa on this incredible journey, where every piece tells a story, and every creation carries a piece of her heart. La Vida De Plata is an invitation to embrace the beauty of handcrafted treasures and to be inspired by the incredible artisans and dreamers who make it all possible.



Armando's journey into the world of jewelry-making began at a tender age. Growing up in Taxco, Mexico, he faced the harsh reality of economic scarcity alongside his family. To help make ends meet, young Armando took his first steps into the world of craftsmanship by working in the silver jewelry shops of his hometown. It was there that he discovered his innate talent for creating exquisite pieces, marked by his impeccable attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality.

For Armando, crafting jewelry isn't just a job; it's his lifelong passion. When asked about what brings him happiness, his answer is simple: work. He feels a deep sense of gratitude to have found a vocation that not only allows him to pursue his passion but also provides the means to support his beloved family.

Nestled beside his family home, Armando's workshop is a place of creativity and tradition. The workshop is home not only to his remarkable craftsmanship but also to a few furry and feathered friends—Chihuahuas, ducks, and chickens—adding a touch of rural charm to the artisan's life.

What truly makes Armando's work special is the collaborative spirit within his family. His daughter, along with his grandson and a couple of dedicated helpers, share in the crafting process. Together, they painstakingly create every piece from scratch, employing age-old metalsmithing techniques passed down through generations. From melting the silver and rolling it into sheets and wire to hand-cutting, soldering, stamping, and finally, the meticulous polishing—their dedication to their craft shines through in each meticulously crafted piece of jewelry.

Armando's story is one of resilience, craftsmanship, and family tradition. It's a testament to the enduring spirit of artisans who transform raw materials into beautiful jewelry, and it's a story that resonates in every piece of jewelry that bears his name.

Explore our collection to experience the artistry and passion of Armando, and wear a piece of his heritage with pride.



In the heart of Mexico, the name "Luz," meaning "light" in Spanish, perfectly encapsulates the essence of the remarkable woman behind it. Luz is a true gem, radiating warmth, creativity, and boundless happiness.

Luz is a modern-day renaissance woman, a jack of all trades, and a master of them all. Her workshop is a haven of artistic expression where she breathes life into a diverse array of creations, from captivating paintings to cherished treasure boxes, unique jewelry, exquisite clothing, and beyond. Her work is a reflection of her vibrant personality and zest for life.

But Luz's artistry goes beyond her creations. She is a shining example of how one person can make a difference in the world. Through her shop, she empowers indigenous women, guiding them toward self-sufficiency by teaching them to create beautiful products like the traditional ocoxal baskets. Luz is not just an artist; she's a mentor and a champion of sustainability, eco-friendliness, and harmonious coexistence with nature.

Luz's journey into the world of craftsmanship began in her childhood. She learned the art of weaving baskets from a tender age, alongside practicing traditional clay work and painting. These skills have become an integral part of her identity, and they infuse her creations with a deep sense of cultural heritage and authenticity.

When asked about what brings her happiness, Luz's answer is as profound as it is simple: breathing. To her, each day is a gift, a fresh canvas waiting to be painted with the vibrant colors of life. "What else do you need," she asks, "when you wake up and you can breathe? Everything else is already there!"

Luz's story is a testament to the transformative power of creativity, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of an artist who not only crafts beautiful pieces but also enriches the lives of those around her. Her work is an embodiment of the beauty of nature and the limitless possibilities that come with living in harmony with it.

Explore Luz's creations and be inspired by her radiant spirit. Each piece she creates carries a part of her light and a message of love for the world and the people in it.



David's journey into the world of jewelry-making is a testament to the power of curiosity and the enduring pursuit of excellence. At the tender age of 12, his inquisitive eyes would often wander to the neighboring silver workshop, visible through the classroom window. Little did he know that this glimpse would ignite a lifelong passion.

For over five decades, David has dedicated his life to crafting jewelry, and his experience shines brilliantly through every piece he creates. His work is a masterpiece of precision and clean lines, a testament to the artistry that only time and unwavering dedication can cultivate.

David is not only a master craftsman but a loving father to four daughters and a son. All his children have graduated with degrees and ventured into their own paths. They have since moved on, leaving David with a wealth of cherished memories and the legacy of a loving family.

In his prime, David operated a bustling workshop that produced and delivered over 100 kilograms of silver creations to the USA in just four months. His dedication knew no bounds, and his workday often began at the break of dawn, extending late into the night. However, the world-altering events of 9/11 cast a long shadow, forever changing the landscape of his craft.

As the years passed, David's health declined, and respiratory issues limited his ability to work as tirelessly as before. Yet, his passion for his craft remains undiminished. What makes him truly happy is the simple act of working in his beloved workshop, creating beautiful pieces, and listening to English songs, even though he may not understand the lyrics. It's in these moments, amidst the delicate dance of silver and the melody of music, that David finds his greatest joy.

With a hint of sadness, David reflects on the changing times. He laments that the younger generation seems less inclined to embrace the art of the silversmith, considering it a tedious and time-consuming endeavor. In the past, Taxco was once a vibrant hub where 90% of the community engaged in silversmith workshops, but the landscape has evolved over the years.

David's story is one of resilience, craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to his art. It's a reminder that behind every piece of jewelry lies a lifetime of dedication, skill, and a deep love for the craft. His work is a testament to the rich history of Taxco's silversmith tradition, a tradition that continues to inspire and endure.

Explore David's creations and embrace the timeless elegance of his craftsmanship, a true reflection of a life well-lived and a passion that continues to burn bright.

mary & louis


In the world of artisan jewelry, there's a small family team that embodies the essence of craftsmanship, dedication, and a profound love for what they do—Mary and Louis. Together, they have embarked on a journey that spans generations, bringing their shared vision to life in their own cozy workshop.

Louis, with 32 years of experience, began his jewelry-making journey at the tender age of 10. It was a passion that ignited early and has since grown into a lifelong love affair with crafting beautiful jewelry. On the other hand, Mary, with 23 years of experience, spent her years in various jewelry shops, honing her skills and deepening her appreciation for the artistry of jewelry-making.

Their paths converged when they decided to take the leap of faith, joining hearts and talents to create their small family workshop. This was not just a business venture; it was the realization of their shared dream, a place where they could pour their hearts and souls into crafting unique pieces of jewelry.

For Mary, the joy of creating jewelry goes beyond the technical aspects. It's about the excitement of envisioning how their creations will find their way to customers, adorning lives with beauty and joy. To her, happiness lies in giving happiness—a sentiment that's deeply ingrained in her craft and a vital part of her livelihood.

Their workshop, nestled in the comfort of their home, is more than just a place of work. It's a sanctuary where their creative spirits flourish, a space where ideas take shape, and where their artistry comes to life. Mary and Louis collaborate not only as a couple but also with Mary's brother and neighbor, forming a close-knit team that shares their vision.

In the simplicity of their daily lives, Mary and Louis have found a richness that transcends material wealth. Their work sustains their peaceful existence, and their home is filled with the warmth of shared passions and creative endeavors. It's a life where the art of jewelry-making isn't just a profession; it's a way of living, connecting with others, and finding fulfillment.

Join us in celebrating Mary and Louis, the family team that infuses their creations with passion, dedication, and a deep love for their craft. Each piece they create carries a piece of their hearts, a reflection of their shared dream, and a commitment to spreading happiness through the artistry of jewelry-making.

Explore their creations and be a part of the journey that brings beauty, joy, and a touch of their rich and loving life to every piece of jewelry.

janet, raul & eddy


In the heart of La Vida De Plata, there is a family team that embodies the essence of artistry, unity, and the passing of a craft from one generation to the next—Janet, Raul, and Eddy. Together, they've embarked on a journey that celebrates the natural beauty of Tabasco Agate Geodes, creating exquisite jewelry that captures the essence of their craft.

Janet is known as the queen of Tabasco Agate Geode jewelry at La Vida De Plata. Her passion for these unique gemstones is palpable, and her hands work magic in turning these geological wonders into wearable art. Her husband, Raul, complements her artistry by skillfully crafting the bezels and settings that cradle these precious stones. Their 12-year-old son, Eddy, is the promising young apprentice, learning the craft at his father's side and already crafting high-quality pieces that belie his age.

It's a beautiful sight to see the craft being passed from one generation to the next, as Eddy continues the family tradition with skill and enthusiasm. When asked whether he prefers school or the workshop, Eddy's answer is as balanced as his budding talent—both equally. He takes pride in his work and showcases a remarkable level of skill.

Their home and workshop, perched on a steep hill, offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. It's a serene oasis where their creative spirits flourish, surrounded by a lush garden filled with fruit trees and crops. It's not just a place of work; it's a sanctuary where their family bonds grow stronger with each piece they create.

While Janet and Raul have a wealth of experience in the silversmithing industry, their small family business venture began just five years ago. What makes Janet happiest is the joy of working with her son and husband, living together under one roof, and sharing their lives with their own workshop. It's a testament to the power of family, unity, and the fulfillment that comes from crafting dreams together.

Join us in celebrating Janet, Raul, and Eddy, the family team that infuses their creations with love, tradition, and the promise of a craft passed from one generation to the next. Each piece they craft is not just jewelry; it's a reflection of their legacy and the enduring beauty of family bonds.

Explore their creations and be part of a journey that celebrates artistry, tradition, and the magic that happens when a family comes together to craft dreams in Tabasco Agate Geode.

el chuy


In the vibrant world of artisan jewelry, there's a remarkable collective that serves as a haven for countless artists and family workshops—El Chuy Rings. Behind this collective stands a singular force, a guardian of creativity and a sustainer of many families: Raul Figueroa.

El Chuy Rings is a unique gathering place where the creations of diverse artists and family workshops come together in a symphony of artistry and craftsmanship.

At the heart of this collective is Raul, a man of boundless dedication and passion for the art of jewelry-making. His work extends far beyond his own creations; it's about fostering artistry and supporting the dreams of many artisans.

The work that Raul provides to these artisans is more than just a livelihood; it's a lifeline for their families. His commitment to their craft sustains homes, puts food on tables, and fuels dreams. Raul is not just a collector of jewelry; he's a collector of stories, of traditions, and of the indomitable spirit of artisans.

Under Raul's and his daughter Brenda's guiding hand, El Chuy Rings has become a celebration of diversity and a testament to the power of collaboration. It's a place where artists from different backgrounds and family workshops come together to create jewelry that is as unique as the individuals who craft it.

Raul's vision is to bridge the gap between artists and enthusiasts, to share the beauty of handcrafted jewelry, and to provide a platform where the voices of artisans can be heard. In doing so, he not only sustains families but also keeps the flame of tradition burning bright.

Behind El Chuy Rings is a man whose work is a labor of love, a commitment to artistry, and a dedication to the well-being of countless families. His impact goes beyond the jewelry; it's a reflection of the profound difference one person can make when driven by a passion for preserving tradition and supporting artisans.

Join us in celebrating El Chuy Rings, a collective that embraces diversity, fosters artistry, and sustains families. Each piece you discover tells a story of heritage, craftsmanship, and the remarkable unity of artists from around the world.

Explore their creations and become part of a journey that celebrates the beauty of handcrafted jewelry and the enduring power of Raul's vision.



Meet Simon, the artisan who breathes life into palm straw, creating exquisite earrings that reflect a deep connection to the earth. Simon and his wife, who reside in a city an hour away from Taxco, make a special journey a few days a week, bringing their palm straw creations by bus. This craft sustains their livelihood and honors generations of tradition.

The vibrant and colorful earrings you discover at La Vida De Plata are not just jewelry; they're a testament to Simon's dedication, love for the land, and the artistry of palm straw weaving.

Join us in celebrating Simon, the palm straw artisan, and his wife's journey that preserves tradition and the artistry of nature's bounty.

Explore their creations and become part of a story that honors the earth, tradition, and craftsmanship.