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Healing Agate Geodes

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Pieces Feature Beautiful Agate Geodes

These stunning – Goddess worthy - pieces feature beautiful agate geodes with mesmerizing druzy crystals. Each geode is a small but remarkable Illianite, a hollow rock or agate shell adorned with naturally growing druzy quartz or other crystals inside. Every single Tabasco geode is different, no two rocks are ever the same. Tabasco geodes are the world’s smallest geode formation. They were all specially handpicked and each has an internal glimmer that won't allow you to look away. These beauties were placed delicately by hand into their bezels by a skilled artisan.

Agates are renowned for their ability to heal trauma, dispel negativity, and foster love. They can bring forth courage to embrace new beginnings and assist in overcoming anger and bitterness. With attributes like self-acceptance, confidence, and encouragement to speak the truth, agates aid in self-analysis and uncovering hidden circumstances. Stabilizing and strengthening, these little powerhouses leave an undeniable impression.

When you wear our Tabasco Geode Druzy Jewelry, you not only carry a piece of history but also unleash the goddess within you, embodying the inherent sparkle of these magnificent gemstones. Prepare to captivate and mesmerize as admirers are drawn to the fabulous radiance of these gorgeous stones.